This project was super fun. The briefing was to take the video footage and do something crazy with it. I came up with the idea to create a very dynamic animated visual language with clean typography and flexible splitscreen elements. Everything animated with a lot of match cuts to get a seamless movement through the whole piece. 27km loved it. Indola loved it.

27 Kilometer Entertainment
Look Development, Design, Animation, Edit
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Clean TypographyAnimation

My approach was to work with the typography elements in a very graphical way. Animated with dynamic match cuts and clear movements always in a good paste and order to have a very guided focus. To make the match cuts even stronger I’ve changed the color of the background very dynamic as well.

Dynamic AnimatedSplit Screens

To have a perfect integration of the video footage my idea was to work with animated splitscreens. They are the connection between the graphical elements and the footage. Animated always in connection to the movement of the actor in the footage or the camera.


I love working with match cuts in general and on this project I could build the whole animated visual language on the concept of working heavily with them. They are perfect for creating a dynamic journey with having the viewers focus always under control. Thats what makes it very pleasant to watch.