Kölln asked our team at redpinata to create a movie which showcases the whole production process of their oat flakes from the field to the store.

Our biggest challenge was to visualize the machines in their production pipeline which we weren’t able to shoot inside and see how they work. We had the idea to switch between real footage and a 3D visualized world, where we rebuild the machines and simulate how they work.

Set-Supervision, Matchmoving, 3D Modeling, Particle Simulation, Animation, Compositing & VFX
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects

Look Development &Transition VFX

Before the shoot we developed a look for the 3D stylized world. We came up with a clean and reduced kind of hand drawn look to have a big focus on the machines and particle simulations. For the transitions I came up with a look where the real colors are dissolving and we get the feeling of getting sucked in into the stylized world in the CI colors of Kölln.

Set Supervision &3D Matchmoving

On set I was doing the supervision for all the shots that needed to be tracked afterwards. I was test tracking every shot directly on set so we were sure everything would work in post production. After the shoot I matchmoved all of the transition shots, means I tracked and rebuild the 3D camera movement in the exact same dimension they were shot on camera.

3D Modeling &Particle Simulation

The most challenging part was the modeling of the machines and the particle simulations inside them to explain what they are doing. For that we worked close together with Kölln to simulate them as realistic as possible. But to understand, build and stage all the processes which needed to show in 3D especially the longer 3D shots, took us a lot of time but we had so much fun doing it.

3D Showcase

Here I put a short edit for you together. It is a showcase with some of the 3D transitions, animations and simulations I’ve made for this movie.

Full Movie