Kölln Haferflocken – Imagefilm

The Kölln imagefilm was a very challenging project. I had to create a transition from real footage which was shot in the facility into a 3D animated scene so it was able to look inside the machines to explain how they are working. I was on set as a supervisor and I tracked the shots directly after they were shot to garantuee that the transitions are working later on in the post-production. After the shoot I first developed the look of the transition and the 3D animations. Then I matchmoved every transition shot, means I tracked the camera movement and rebuild the machines in 3D in exact same place and dimension they were shot on camera. Then I modeled and simulated every other machine in 3D which are involved in the production process of the oat flakes. The most challenging part were the particle simulations inside the machines to explain what happens inside the machines. After the 3D work was done I did the compositing.

All Picture Copyrights by redpinata

ClientKöllnCompanyredpinataJobSet-Supervision, Matchmoving, 3D Modeling, Particle Simulation, Animation, Compositing & VFXToolsCinema 4D, Adobe After EffectsYear2015