LG Lightdome – Social Media Event

The LG Lightdome was an event at the social media week 2014 in Hamburg. Strg.DK agency asked me to create some animations for their social networking party.
We illuminated the agency with 8 beamers in total. All beamers were sponsored by LG. It was a promotion event for their new LG Minibeam, a portable full hd beamer.

There was a 3D animation which was projected on the ground in front of the entrance door and one on the bar.
Jan-Erik developed a twitter reactive videowall where people could twitter a tag for a video to watch it.
There was a twitter stream on another wall to watch the posts of the event.

And during the event I did a vj performance live on a big hashtag.

ClientLGCompanyStrg.DKTeamStephen Ullrich, Jan-Erik MatthiesJobConception, 3D Modeling & Animation, Compositing, Live Visuals (VJ),ToolsCinema 4D, Adobe After EffectsYear2014