Yuneec – Commercial

To promote their new series of drones, redpinata produced a first promo video in a very short amount of time.
My job was to handle the post-production in a fast way. I was on set to supervise that I’ll get the right drone shot to do the intro idea with an earth zoom directly into the flight of a drone following a motorbike.
I created a 3D model of the earth and some 3D clouds and in combination with satellite graphics the final shot was set. There were a lot of quick edits like sky and display replacements to get the last shots combined.
The most challenging part was the color grading of the last shot, which was shot in a very balanced light and afterwards should look like evening.
The Video was a success and in the following video campaign I was doing a few cuts and edits such as display replacements.

All Picture Copyrights by redpinata.

ClientYuneecCompanyredpinataJob3D Modeling, Compositing, Cutting, Editing (Sky & Display replacements)ToolsCinema4D, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After EffectsYear2015